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The first thing you should know about a battle build is that it is not a hybrid build. You can not be both a tank and a battle build until higher levels. Even then, you can only tank for yourself. You won’t have the defense to be able to hold mobs against your party. A battle build is a solo build, or party with a healer. If a Mage/Pagan sees you soloing and says “party?”, you say “no thanks, I’m a battle build”. Until you’re UM with a very good budget, you won’t be able to be both a party tank and a solo battle build. Even then, you’ll likely be quite weak for killing bosses unless you focus on one or the other. Being an effective hybrid build would be an extremely expensive build and only an option at endgame for UMs. Remember, nothing is stopping casters from finding a tank with more Rec.
That being said, for a battle build in any mode, you should add no Rec at all. Defenders/Guardians already receive 1 Rec per level automatically and have higher passive HP pools than any other class. To top it off, you have invincibility buffs and status debuffs that will ensure that you will never need to add Rec to protect yourself in a standard battle build.
In addition to that, you won’t need as much Dex as your Fighter/Warrior counterpart at higher levels. For regular grinding, you’ll need just as much, but once your AoE skills are maxed out, they diminish the need of Dex. You should still have the same Dex base as a Warrior/Fighter, but you can get away with lapsing less. For regular grinding, 100-150 is enough, but towards the endgame, you’ll want to push that to about 200. However, that is a matter of preference. If you’re not satisfied with 200 Dex, add some more.
With that in mind, your heavy focus is Str. For UM, your focus should be split between Str and Luc. Having a HM Str/Luc build would be very expensive to make feasible, but if you have the money, you can add Luc to your build in later levels. Luck simply isn’t an option for NM. You do not get the stat points in NM to compliment your crits with attack power.
The important thing to know about Luc is that without Str, it is completely useless for a Defender/Guardian. Without attack power to compliment your crits, you’ll have better overall damage just by putting all of your points into Str instead. Luc is also useless unless in large quantities for this same reason. With the skill Bash Lv3, 175 Luc will give you a 50% crit rate. This is the absolute minimum for an effective Luc build. Any less than that and a Str build would result in more damage. Most would prefer to have around 400 Luc. That, with Bash Lv3, is a 95% crit chance. As a personal recommendation, I would stay away from Luc altogether in any mode until you have achieved 600 Str and than shoot for about 300-350 Luc (remember, UM only).
Whichever you end up doing, Str or Str/Luc, the goal is to get as much Str as possible. You need no less than 600 for an effective Str/Luc build, but after that, the sky is the limit. Once you have enough Dex and Luc, dump every remaining point you have into Str. You should reach for at least 600 Str in any mode by endgame. In NM, focus on that Str as a top priority. In HM, you add more Dex into your build. In UM, you can add Luc on top of that. In essence, a successful NM battle build is a heavy Str build, a successful HM is a Str/Dex build, and a successful UM is a Str/Dex/Luc build.
For more discussion on battle builds, refer to this post by Aesteria.
On to stat point distributions per level.
NM: 3 Str 2 Dex per level. This is the standard NM physical damage build for any class. It will offer you the best damage. Any more Str and you miss too often. Any more Dex and you’re not hitting hard enough. Shoot for your optimal Str of 600 before worrying about other stats.
HM: 5 Str 2 Dex per level. Since you already had enough accuracy in NM, all you have to do in HM is pump up your Str even higher. You also get more AoE skills that do not rely on Dex, so do not worry about having more Dex than your NM counterpart. 2 per level is enough.
UM: 7 Str 2 Dex or 3 Str 2 Dex 4 Luc per level. You may find that only 3 Str per level is not enough attack power for your liking. 7 Str 2 Dex will make faster grinding, but 3 Str 2 Dex 4 Luc is better in the end when you can afford the proper lapis to complete your build. You may want to choose 7 Str to start and than restat to 3 Str 4 Luc later. Remember not to attempt a Luc build with less than 600 Str.

And that’s the deal with standard battle builds.  I believe you’ll do quite fine on your own and be a recognizable force in PvP. At lower levels, the sheer damage of Fighters/Warriors will always win out but by the time you get the 1-60 zone, you’ve got so many tricks up your sleeves that no other class is harder to take down, even with no Rec at all.


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